PSAB, association de parents d'élèves anglophones

PSAB (“Parents de la Section Anglophone de Buc”) was created in 2003 to support the development of the International English Section.  

What are our main aims today ?

  • To take an active and regular interest in all questions pertaining to the school’s functioning and atmosphere.
  • To support the schools with the recruitment process and welcome new families.
  • To promote the section throughout the year at external events.
  • To organise informal gatherings, allowing our English-speaking families and pupils to meet and share their ideas, experiences and challenges.
  • To organise and participate in multi-cultural activities such as :
    • Sharing the tradition of Christmas carols at the Christmas market.
    • SALTIMBUC – PSAB’s English-speaking theatre group for pupils in the Anglophone section.
    • Shared events in the wider Anglophone Community, such as theatre trips.
  • To maintain an up-to-date website providing a platform for communication and information for the families involved in the program.
  • To supply information and help concerning transport problems.
Visit the PSAB website: